Susan Day in Australia ( been kind enough to review 'Big Beard the Pirate' describing it as a "good book that will appeal to young readers".

This is especially relevant because Susan is herself an accomplished author as well as creator of the very successful 'Astro's Adventure' series and I'm honoured she took the time to read my book and leave a review.

As a result I am putting an extract from her review here and you can read the full text on her site or on Amazon:

Good role models appeal to young readers

"Our heroes are Francesca Spaghetti and Poppy Noodle, twin sisters with the most awesome names, who are just normal children.

"I think the two sisters are great role models too. They are sensible, fun and intelligent – three important characteristics all children should aspire to become.

"There is no doubt many young readers will really enjoy this book, and be waiting with excitement for the next in the series."

★★★★★ Five-star reviews

It seems that 'Big Beard the Pirate' has steadily been gathering more five star reviews on Amazon in recent weeks. It's great to see that my funny characters have connected with kids and there is a real appeal to young readers. See for yourself and let me have your feedback.

​PS: I've not been active for a while as we are working on the next adventure - a Christmas Mystery which should be ready soon! Look out for more posts.

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