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Harald Davidson

Harald Davidson

Harald Davidson is the creator of the Francesca Spaghetti and Poppy Noodle series and The Magic Meadow where so much of their adventures begin. He can't say where the inspiration comes from but he just has a desire to write really good stories​ that kindle the imagination. He wants his main characters to be positive and active role models who take responsibility and do their best. At the same time they're certainly not saints but this makes them more believable, endearing and fun. Indeed the books are full of clever humor and good writing that follow unexpected and serpentine twists and turns before resolving all the loose ends in practically the last paragraph.

He lives with his family in a big, spooky house by a meadow deep in the dark woods where he spends his time dreaming up stories for kids of all ages. 😉

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About the illustrator

Adelita-Carmen Vasioiu 

Adelita is a talented illustrator, creative graphic designer, and game designer. She has extensive experience working directly with clients from all around the world and multitasking multiple award winning projects from concept to production.

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Adelita Carmen Vasioiu

Adelita-Carmen Vasioiu

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