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Nayu's Book Review

I was delighted to see that that my book for kids “Big Beard the Pirate” was reviewed by Nayu from Nayu’s Reading Corner and even more pleased to see she gave it top marks - an “Epic” rating and a 10 out of 10 score in the book review which was published last month on her site.

Faraway Tree

In her book review, Nayu was kind enough to suggest that the book reminded her of Enid Blyton’s “Faraway Tree” series and it’s flattering to be considered in such exalted company. You can read the full review here or on her site but I’m reproducing a quick highlight below:

Extract from Nayu's Book Review 

“Francesca and Poppy are full of energy, inventive, and find a magical world that takes them on board a wild adventure. (It’s an) enjoyable tale. There is a fair amount of major peril, but nothing insurmountable. Big Beard and his crew provide hilarity as they try to beat the sisters on their quest, with a lot of information about pirates conveyed. The end was a little bit of a surprise, and I'm already looking forward to rereading this tale.”

A reminder the book in e-format is available on Amazon Kindle. Ideal for kids of all ages but especially if you are looking for good, strong female characters.

Please keep the feedback coming and do visit Nayu’s site. She has been blogging since 2009 and has a real passion for children’s books and adventure stories. She has written tons of book reviews and you can get some good insights and suggestions about what might be the next great story for your kids to read.

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