Kids' story - Big Beard the Pirate

For the next few days I will be giving away 15 electronic copies of book 1 in my children’s series ‘The Adventures of Francesca Spaghetti and Poppy Noodle - Big Beard the Pirate’ currently $2.99 on Amazon. It's a fun kids' story suitable for ages 7 and above. Here is a link to the sales page.

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At the moment the offer is ONLY for teachers or librarians who are interested in reading an exciting story to their classes or groups of kids. If you aren’t a teacher or librarian but you read to groups of children regularly, contact me also with your details.

It’s first come first served and if you are interested (or know someone who is) please contact me through the website. (Contact form).

I’ll need to know the following info:

  • Your email address
  • What country you live in
  • What school/library do you represent - please give me a link (Facebook or website etc.) I can check just so I know you are who you say you are
  • Indicate if you are willing to give me an honest review (not obligatory to get the book but would be appreciated).

Pass it on!

Please pass this offer on to anyone you know who might be interested in the story so they don't miss out.

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