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Francesca Spaghetti

Francesca Spaghetti is one of the heroes of our stories. She has some amazing adventures with her twin sister Poppy Noodle. Click here to find out more about Francesca Spaghetti!

Poppy Noodle

Poppy Noodle is Francesca Spaghetti's twin sister. She is just a few minutes younger than her but that makes a difference!


Lulu is a cat. To be precise, she is Francesca Spaghetti's pet cat. Click on the headings to read about her.


Flora is a fairy queen who lives in The Magic Meadow. She is very beautiful and kind and looks out for Francesca Spaghetti and Poppy Noodle giving them good advice which they - mostly - listen to.

Lady Quicksilver

Lady Quicksilver is a fabulous Magic unicorn that lives in The Magic Meadow.

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Psst! Take a look at this...
Mr Spud, the Headmaster has been absentminded. He accidentally left Francesca Spaghetti and Poppy Noodle's Student Files lying around. What do you think, shall we take a sneaky peek at what they are really like at school?

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